Morelec UK Ltd are an electrical contractor based in Bournemouth

Morelec UK Ltd is one of the leading electrical contractors in Bournemouth and are focused on customer service, business growth, and maintaining their well-earned reputation.

The company website had not been updated for several years and so a new, fresh and modern look was needed. Morelec UK Ltd approached WestronPoint with a view to seeing what could be done to enhance the brand and bring their image up to date, as well as providing a platform that would be future-proofed.

The website was completely revamped in just 2 weeks with a first version available for review and feedback after 3 days, giving the key stakeholders a chance to visualise what the website would look like before committing to the final version. It integrates with the company Instagram account allowing staff members to post pictures of related work and recent projects and is fully compatible with mobile and tablet devices.

WestronPoint also provide hosting for the new website, achieving additional cost savings.